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Medicine of the Future right there

The doctor of the future will not give medicine, but will interest patients under the care of the human body, in diet and in the cause and prevention of diseases.

True peace of Soul and mind is with us as we progress spiritually, and this can not be achieved only with the accumulation of riches, however great they may be. But times are changing, and there are many indications that this civilization has begun to move from the age of pure materialism to the will to reach the realities and truths of the universe. The general and rapidly growing interest in the knowledge of the supra-physical realities that are taking place today, the increasing number of those who desire information on existence before and after this life, the discovery of methods for overcoming disease by spiritual means and by faith , the search for ancient teachings and Oriental wisdom – all this is a sign that our contemporaries have begun to glimpse the reality of things.

Thus, when we come to the problem of healing, we also understand that it must rise to the times and replace its methods based on gross materialism by resources of a science grounded in the realities of Truth and governed by the same Divine laws that govern our natures Healing will move from the scope of physical methods of treating the physical body to mental and spiritual healing which, by restoring harmony between the mind and the Soul, is able to eradicate the use of physical means as may be necessary to complete the healing of the body .

Provided that the medical profession understands these facts and advances with the spiritual growth of the people, it is quite possible that the art of healing may pass from the hands of religious communities to those of the natural healers who exist in all generations but who have lived more or less ignored, impelled by the orthodox to follow their natural vocation.

Open Enrollment

Registration is open for distance technical courses. There are 12 different options in the areas of commerce, design, management, computing, environment, security and tourism. The deadline is August 14, 2017.

Adequate to the requirements of the professional world, the SENAC EAD technical courses are focused on providing a fast insertion in the job market, besides guaranteeing flexibility for the student to study wherever and whenever he wants.

The diploma of Technician of High School has national validity and it is assured to those that realize the conclusion of the technical course of Senac, like of High School.

For a Safer Internet

On February 7 was celebrated the Safe Internet Day , an action promoted by the Insafe Network in Europe and which brings together more than 100 countries in mobilizing around the free and secure use of the World Computer Network. The initiative organized in Brazil by Safernet, an organization that promotes ethical, citizen, responsible and safe use of the Internet, focusing on Human Rights, counts on the participation of large companies and national and international organizations and will promote between the months of January and February awareness-raising activities around the safe use of ICTs in schools, universities, NGOs and in the network itself.

Indeed, the safe use of the Internet and new technologies has been the focus of analysts and authorities at the global level, especially with regard to the safety of children and adolescents on online platforms . According to data from the Indicators of the National Center of Reports of Cyber ​​Crimes, published by Safernet, only in 2016, the Federal Police received and processed more than 68 thousand anonymous reports involving more than 16 thousand pages (different Urls). The types of content listed in the statistics include cases of apology and incitement to crimes against life, racism, religious intolerance and child pornography.

Medicine starts here

No one likes to have to wait in the doctor’s office for their turn. Thinking about optimizing time, as well as resources, comes HealthSpot Station – the health kiosk that patients can use for fast medical diagnostics, using video conferencing and diagnostic technology.

The patient only has to select the symptoms and, with the medical instruments available, check the vital signs. On the other side of the screen the doctor checks all medical data collected and discusses the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. After the consultation is finished, the patient leaves and the entire interior is sanitized.

The goal is to make the kiosks available in medical spaces, but also in pharmacies and hypermarkets, being thus closer to those who need it.

In this program, the IMC selects in communities with the help of educators, psychologists and social workers, young people who have a profile to be future doctors. The Institute of Medicine and Citizenship will fund, through the grants it receives, scholarships to graduate these young people until they graduate doctors.

The student, in addition to the curriculum of the university, will have the guidance of experienced physicians linked to the IMC, in addressing issues such as ethics and social responsibility. The goal is to train professionals who are conscientious and committed to the social goals of medicine, including a commitment to dedicate part of their time to social services.

Your donation is very important to fund this program!