You’ve known each other for a while, you’re dating often, but no one takes the courtship seriously. At least until she invited him to Sunday lunch or he called her to the football team at work.

But can you tell when the flirtation turned into a serious relationship? What are the signs? Vila Dois went to ask singles and tied up what evidence proves that a relationship has advanced. And he was amused by the answers.

Architect Larissa Ara├║jo Soares, 29, thinks the whole thing gets serious when her partner starts demanding housework, such as washing her underwear or cooking at every meal. “Since then, the woman has to be smart for this relationship not to be so serious (and even serious), to the point of giving in marriage,” he says.

Lawyer Ivan Zamoner thinks engaging is the key word of a serious relationship. “Even if you’re having fun elsewhere with other people, and deep down thinking if that special person were together the world would be more colorful, the bid is serious,” he says.

Feeling that reciprocity is true also means a lot to him, who is 26 years old and has dated seriously three times. For Ivan, bringing a new girlfriend to his parents’ home shows that the man is investing in the relationship. “The evidence that a relationship is serious is internal. And then we act motivated by the desire to make it lasting, “he says. At the time of listing the signs, he says that appearing regularly accompanied with the person in public and doing a medium-term together schedule also indicate that the thing is more serious indeed! “The nicknames also show that the couple already has great intimacy.”